How to make a press molding machine?

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Making a rubber molding  machine can be a complex technical process that requires expertise in both mechanical engineering and metal fabrication. Here are some basic steps to get started:

Decide on the specs machined parts: Before you start making the machine, you need to determine the size and shape of the machine, the type of material it will use, the amount of pressure you need to generate, and other specs.

Gather materials Castings: You need materials such as metal plates, bolts, bearings, hydraulic pumps and cylinders to make machines. It may also be necessary to purchase or manufacture some specialized components.

Fabrication frame design: First, fabricate the frame drawings that support the machine. Engineers take a drawing of the machine and then place the PLC in the direction the customer wants, which may involve cutting and welding metal sheets together to create a strong structure that can withstand the forces generated by the press.

Add hydraulics: Install hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and hoses to create the pressure and gauge design needed to form the rubber. These components should be installed and connected carefully to ensure the proper functioning of the hydraulic system.

Install the mold: After the machine is designed, install the mold on the press to ensure that it is firmly fixed in place. The mold needs to be installed with the locking drawing of the machine.

Test the machine: Before using the machine, you need to check the test action for one week and test the balance of the upper and lower platen pressure to ensure the stable performance of the machine, test it to ensure that it is running normally and the mold works as expected.

Note that making a compression molding press requires expertise in engineering and manufacturing, as well as design expertise. Careful planning and consideration must be given to safety aspects to avoid accidents, as well as the installation of safety light barriers on machines prior to production.





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