Baby silicone products

Silicone nipple

Normally, the pacifier needs to be replaced once every 1-3 months. If it is damaged, it must be replaced in time.

If the pacifier is too small, the baby may have difficulty sucking milk. If the pacifier is too large, the baby may choke on the milk. So how to choose the right breast milk❓

🍼Selection of pacifier models:
S size pacifier (0~1 month old)
SS size pacifier (1~3 months old)
M size pacifier (3~6 months old)
L size pacifier (over 6 months old)
🍼Dipbill cup (6-12 months old)
To reduce the immersion of teeth in milk and prevent buck teeth and dental caries, Brother Chen started drinking water from a duckbill cup at 6 months old.

Silicone Nipple

Food-grade silicone, suitable for babies aged 0-36 months,

one-piece design process, 360°silicone fully wrapped without

seams, no risk of falling off and safer, ergonomic design,

more conducive to the development of baby’s deciduous teeth

, exercise the baby’s tongue, The coordinated development of

teeth and palate can more effectively comfort the baby. It is

soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean and does not hide dirt.

Rubber injection production machine Check

Our Rubber Injection Molding Machine Advantages

Improve Efficiency

A fully automatic machine can increase production capacity by 10 times 20 times, used the servo motor

Improve Quality

The quality of automatic operation is stable and will not fluctuate due to artificial factors

Low Cost

Fully automatic machines save time and use materials more precisely, saving costs and electricity

Turnkey Machine

We improve after-sales service, you have no worries, lift-time services

Our Suppliers

Good at solving customer’s rubber oil seal machine, Melamine machine,Tyre curing bladder injection machine, tyre valve machine, rubber silicone molding machine,(compression molding press machine), rubber injection machine, rubber silicone hot-pressing machine,rubber cutting machine &LSR injection machine and so on.

our company is a high and new technology enterprise specialized in the design, R&D, production, sales and service of solid&liquid silicon rubber moulding machine and rubber injection machine machinery. We aim to make you proud when your customers walk through their doors.

If You Place to Order To Us,We have Good Quality Rubber Injection Molding Machine Processing

1.It is our responsibility to save cost for customers, reduce energy consumption (servo motor), low production cost and long life.

2. Stable quality.

3. Reduce defective products  rate.

4. The rubber machine needs a reliable clamping force to ensure that the mold is locked during the vulcanization time.

5. High-efficiency hydraulic unit

6. Easy-to-operate man-machine interface.Fully automatic machines save time and use material more precisely, saving costs.
7. Reliable and high-quality components.

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