Silicone Toy

Children’s toys made of silicone have the following advantages:
Security. Silicone toys are non-toxic and harmless to children’s bodies, suitable for close contact with the skin. They do not contain harmful substances and are particularly safe for children and infants. twelve
Durability. These toys are resistant to high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, and oxidation, and can maintain good elasticity for a long time. 
Easy to clean. Silicone toys are easy to clean and disinfect, and can be cleaned with clean water or soapy water, or even disinfected by boiling water. 
Softness and comfort. Silicone toys have a soft texture and comfortable touch, providing a good user experience. 
Strong artistic quality. The silicone material of dolls can simulate real human muscles, hair, blood vessels, etc., making dolls more realistic. 
High simulation level. Silicone dolls can achieve high simulation, including body proportions, head structure, and skin texture. 
In addition, silicone toys for children also have characteristics such as non irritating, high transparency, rich colors, and strong plasticity. These characteristics make silicone an ideal material for making children’s toys. 

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