Rubber silicone molding solution from CHINA


Customizing silicone rubber parts will improve fit, space, and functionality. If you go for customization, you don’t need to change the design of your machine or product. On the contrary, all you need to do is change the design of the rubber part prototype. You may find custom parts – whether molded or extruded – very expensive. The average cost of machining customized rubber parts for our customers is very low.
What is the biggest benefit of choosing to manufacture custom parts for your application now? You can guarantee that the functionality, coordination, and form of the final components will function as expected in the final product.
When calculating the total cost of standard and customized costs, it is crucial to also consider the key costs of the product. If the performance of standard silicone rubber parts does not meet expectations or fails completely in the application, replacing them will not only increase costs but also delay production time. This usually reduces overall costs because you don’t need a design team, which can help you save on mold design costs. We only need drawings or samples to provide you with a complete set of silicone rubber molding solutions, especially in LSR and silicone rubber injection molding, which can help you save a lot of material and time costs, and improve quality, In this way, you can fully experience a complete set of services.

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