Automotive Rubber Parts

Automotive Rubber Parts Made by Rubber Molding Machine


rubber Boot

Rubber boot need vacuum compression modling machine production.  According to the products size and weight and choose the machines.


Rubber auto parts

These rubber auto parts suit for vacuum machines.

auto rubber parts

Rubber gasket

Some parts need platen rubber molding machine to make parts, and others need vacuum machine make the parts also.

Rubber Automobile Products

1. Main properties of rubber
Rubber is a high molecular polymer, the main component of which is rubber molecules, with the following properties:
1. High elasticity: Rubber has super elasticity and can quickly return to its original shape after deformation under stress. This property makes it an important material for products such as springs and seals.
2. Wear resistance: Rubber has good wear resistance and is not easy to wear even after long-term use, which makes rubber used in the manufacture of wear-resistant products, such as tires, transmission belts, etc.
3. Chemical corrosion resistance: Rubber has a certain chemical corrosion resistance and can withstand corrosion from a variety of chemical substances, so it is also widely used in the chemical industry.
4. Temperature resistance: Rubber still has good performance in high and low temperature environments, so it is also widely used in products within various temperature ranges.
2. Application fields of rubber
1. Industrial production: Rubber products have a very wide range of uses, such as seals, vibration absorbers, springs, supports, pipe interfaces, rubber wheels, etc., which play an irreplaceable role in industrial production.

2. Automobile manufacturing: Rubber is an important material for automobile manufacturing, such as tires, brake systems, suspension systems, seals, etc., and high-quality rubber products can also improve the performance and safety of automobiles. 

3. Medical and health care: Rubber is also widely used in the field of medical and health care, such as gloves, catheters, syringes, bottle stoppers, etc., because rubber materials are non-toxic, safe, and easy to process, so they are used as important raw materials for medical supplies.

 4. Household products: Rubber can also be used to produce various household products, such as gaskets, rubber soles, rubber accessories, etc., because the unique elasticity and durability of rubber can provide these products with better use effects and service life. In general, as a polymer material with special physical and chemical properties, rubber has a very wide range of applications, and its application prospects are still very broad in future scientific and technological progress and industrial development.


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