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Silicone Baby Products

Suit for baby eating food, feeding silicone products.

siliocne wristband

Silicone Wristband

It’s suit for sport and watch


Silicone seal

This is mobilephone parts seal.It’s suit for the LSR injection molding machine.

Rubber Silicone Products Processing

1、 Preparation of silicone rubber raw materials
The raw materials for preparing silicone rubber mainly include silicone rubber lotion, crosslinking agent, filler, additive, etc. Among them, silicone rubber lotion is the main component of silicone rubber, and other components are used to improve the performance and processing technology of silicone rubber.
2、 Mixed refining preparation
Blending preparation is an important step in the preparation of silicone rubber, aiming to fully mix and absorb crosslinking agents and additives in the raw materials of silicone rubber to achieve optimal performance.
During the mixed refining process, the following precautions should be taken:
1. Control the mixing temperature, usually not exceeding 80 ℃.
2. Control the mixing time, usually not exceeding 30 minutes.
The dosage of additives should be strictly controlled according to the formula.
3、 Molding
The molding of silicone rubber usually adopts the molding process, where the mixed silicone rubber is first placed in the mold, and then pressurized and heated. The specific operation steps are as follows:
1. Prepare the mold and select the appropriate mold size and shape.
2. Add silicone rubber raw material to the mold and squeeze it to fill the entire mold.
3. Place the mold into a heating plate for heating and pressurization. The heating temperature is generally between 150 ℃ and 180 ℃.
4. After cooling, remove the mold and remove the silicone rubber product.
4、 Post processing
After the completion of silicone rubber molding, post-treatment is usually required to further improve its performance and quality. Post processing includes processes such as trimming, polishing, and packaging.
During the post-processing process, the following precautions should be taken:
1. When repairing, the surface of the silicone rubber should be cut off to make the surface flat.
2. Smooth treatment can be carried out using methods such as ultrasonic cleaning to remove residual dirt and impurities.
During the packaging process, attention should be paid to measures such as moisture, dust, and pressure to ensure the quality and shelf life of silicone rubber products.
In summary, the preparation process of silicone rubber includes steps such as raw material preparation, blending preparation, molding, and post-treatment. In the preparation process of silicone rubber, various process parameters should be well controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the product.

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Rubber Silicone Parts Unlimited Guide

Silicone rubber products are a high-performance polymer material widely used in medical devices, automotive components, electronic products, and other fields. The production process includes steps such as raw material preparation, processing and mixing, molding, vulcanization, surface treatment, and inspection and packaging. Each step requires strict control and operation to ensure that the product has good quality and performance.

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