What problems should be paid attention to in the development of silicone teether?


Children’s products aged 0-3 are products that contemporary young families pay more attention to. With the improvement of the living standard of the times, many novelty products are more and more beautiful and practical compared with children’s daily necessities decades ago. Silicone material is used as The material of choice for skin and baby contact, its novelty and safety features reassure consumers.

Therefore, in recent years, the development of the mother and baby market and market competition have become increasingly fierce. Custom-made silicone teethers for children have become the norm for many brands. Almost every brand must have children’s teething sticks. Developers order teether products, do you know what problems to pay attention to!

Baby products pay the most attention to the safety of materials, so the safety performance of silicone teethers is the most important point for consumers, so they have certain experience in the requirements of materials. Usually, silicone baby teethers will choose pure food-grade silicone materials for processing. It will not be mixed with any other mixed materials, so one thing you have to pay attention to is “whether your silicone material is authentic” or not, whether some ordinary glue has been added, this must be identified carefully!

The second is the production link. Finding a high-quality food-grade silicone manufacturer can solve many customer complaints and defects for you. During the production process, you need to understand the factory scale of the silicone product manufacturer, the product workshop environment, and the employee operation process during processing. Whether there will be black spots and impurities in the product and the quality of the product is different, such as the deviation of hardness and color of each batch of goods, the product is soft and brittle, etc.

After the production is completed, the QC inspection is very important. The gutta-percha is an imported standard material, so in the post-processing process, it is necessary to solve the problem of the cloak and burrs of the product, whether the self-removing thread of the product is scratched or misplaced,.

Product design structure and mold problems. If a silicone teether is unreasonably designed in the early stage of design, it will cause difficulty in demoulding the product, and safety problems such as throat jams when babies use it will prevent the product from being marketed, so order To make silicone teether, first determine whether the structure of the product is reasonable and whether the market is acceptable!

The post-process packaging of products is also a problem that needs attention. Many product packaging cannot meet the packaging standards after passing the Quality Supervision Bureau, such as the safety of packaging materials and the rationality of packaging switch design.

All of the above are production problems for silicone gutta-percha, so when choosing a silicone product factory, it is necessary to ensure product reliability from source materials to production to back-end processes.







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