Platen Compression Molding Press

High-precision High-Speed double-oil pump full-automatic Compression Molding Machine,the machine adopts dual-power individual oil circuit design, good stability, quietness, low failure rate, and two axes can be operated at the same time.

Machine Features:

· With the function of slow mode calibration, mode calibration is more accurate and safer;

· Suitable for all kinds of two-layer or multi-layer molds, it is a new type of multi-functional model;

· It can debug the slow mold clamping function to adapt to the molding conditions of different types of modules;

· The positioning of the mold in and out is accurate, and the positioning is 100% safe to ensure that the mold is not damaged.

Suit for industrial rubber silicone parts, sport rubber silicone parts,auto parts, medical parts, melamine, silicone kitchen supplies, sex products, watch straps, silicone/rubber and other multilayer molded products.

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