What are the safe operations of compression molding press?

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Wear protective equipment when operating, do not use wet gloves;

  1. When vulcanizing, preheat the plate first, check whether there is any debris between the layers of the plate, and whether other parts are normal;
  2. Pressure gauges and thermometers should be kept sensitive and effective. According to safety and process conditions, the steam pressure, oil pressure and vulcanization temperature should be strictly controlled;
  3. When loading the vulcanization mold, do not put your hands into the flat room to prevent hot hands and crushing. If you find any problems, you should stop the operation. The molds used should be placed smoothly to prevent falling and smashing;
  4. After the operation is completed, cut off the power supply, close the water and air valves, and put the mold back to the designated place.
  5. For machines operated by solenoid valves, the operator shall not tamper with the solenoid valves. When a fault occurs, the electrical and instrument personnel must be checked for maintenance. Before maintenance, the power supply must be cut off.
  6. When starting the pull-out machine and the splint, ring the bell and call for contact first, and do not start it until you get a reply. During operation, do not put your hands into the splint. Non-local personnel are not allowed to use the splint or press the button at will. When the front and rear pullers are started, the operator is 0.5 meters away from the roller.
  7. When changing the horn, it must be stable and accurate, and do not use excessive force. Before changing the horn, you must notify the people around the pot head to get out of the way to prevent injury.
  8. When picking up the top iron, it must be done after the middle hot plate and the upper hot plate are completely separated. After the top iron is all picked up, the iron plate can be put down.
  9. When placing the pot and turning over the iron plate, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands into the pot. When placing the pot, the distance between the upper and lower hot plates is within 10 cm, and it is not allowed to put your hands between the hot plates. If any problem is found, it should be stopped.
  10. When taking the iron rod used for the finished coil, hold it firmly and firmly. When walking, pay attention to the underground obstacles and handle it with care to avoid hurting your hands and feet.
  11. When starting the packaging machine, check the front and back to prevent hurting people. When leading the leader, the two must be 0.5 meters away from the roller. Cooperate well with each other, and then drive after you point the car to lead.
  12. When lifting the finished product, first check whether the wire rope is damaged. When lifting, a signal must be sent first, and no one is allowed to stand under the transported object. When lifting the semi-finished product, the wire rope must be hung in the groove of the take-up roller.
  13. When hoisting the semi-finished product on the guide frame, two people must operate the gap on both sides of the guide frame. The direction of the gap must be the same. After placing it, block the card sleeve.
  14. When using an electric drill or pot cleaner, you must first check whether it is safe and reliable, and whether the electrical circuit is damaged. If any problem is found, it must be repaired before use.
  15. When carrying the pan cleaning machine, several people should cooperate with each other and hold it firmly. When changing the sandpaper, the screws must be tightened, and the electrical switch must be handled by a special person to avoid accidents.
  16. The vulcanized nylon conveyor belt is not allowed to go back and forth under the long belt when it is cold.




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