How to production the facial brush?


The quality of silicone products is closely related to the selected raw materials. High quality silicone should use silicone raw materials with high purity and good stability. For food grade silicone, it is more necessary to choose raw materials that meet quality certifications such as FDA and LFGB to ensure the safety and hygiene of silicone products.
2、 Production process control
Production process control is the key to ensuring the quality of silicone products. The molding, hardening, modulation, cleaning and other processes of silicone products require good control of various parameters to ensure product quality. Especially for silicone products, the hardening time needs to be adjusted according to different ratios of sulfur additives and silicone, and strict heating time and temperature control is required to obtain high-quality silicone facial brush products.
3、 Quality inspection
For silicone products, quality testing must be carried out to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Quality inspection includes visual inspection, physical performance testing, safety testing, etc. For food grade silicone, food contact safety testing is also required to ensure that silicone products do not produce harmful substances in contact with food.
4、 Frequently Asked Questions
Is silicone toxic?
Silicone products do not contain toxic or harmful substances and can be used with confidence.
Can silicone be reused?
Silicone products can be reused, but attention should be paid to cleaning and disinfection.
3. Is silicone resistant to high temperatures?
Silicone products have good high-temperature resistance under normal usage conditions, but should not be exposed to high temperatures and high-temperature oils for a long time.




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