The difference between silicone injection molding machine and compression molding?


XV-LSR Liquid Injection Machine refers to a model with a certain shape, which is formed by injecting molten colloids into the mold cavity through pressure.

The process principle is: the solid plastic is melted according to a certain melting point, injected into the mold at a certain speed through the pressure of the injection machine, and the mold is cooled by the water channel to solidify the plastic to obtain the same product as the designed cavity. Mainly used for the molding of thermoplastics, but also for the molding of thermosetting plastics.

  1. Comparison of silicone injection molding machine process and traditional molding process:
  2. Current solid silicone rubber molding production process 2. Injection molding production process diagram:
  3. Compared with the solid molding process, the silicone injection molding machine reduces a large number of production processes, reduces the demand for a large part of workers, shortens the processing time, greatly improves the output, and completely avoids product quality deviation caused by a manual operation before product molding!
  4. Liquid silicone injection molding machine is liquid silicone, which has very high fluidity in the vacuum mold. The distribution of silicone in the mold is very uniform, and it is all machine work before molding, which also avoids the possibility of all manual operations before compression molding error is caused!




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