How to Solve Liquid Silicone Thermal Balance Problems?

The Mystery of Liquid Silicone in Solving Thermal Balance Problems
The thermal balance problem faced by liquid silicone during the manufacturing process is crucial. Imagine, in a set of molds, if the temperature of different parts is not consistent, such as 160 ℃ on the left and 168 ℃ on the right, with a difference of 8 ℃, it will cause a series of problems. However, this large difference in mold temperature balance is a common phenomenon, and most companies do not pay attention to the series of problems caused by this large temperature difference because they are accustomed to it, and in the end, they all consider it normal; Firstly, this temperature difference can lead to varying speeds in the injection of liquid silicone multi hole structure molds. Although people may think that as long as the size of the injection point of the mold is consistent, in reality, the existence of temperature differences results in different injection speeds for products in each cavity, which can lead to problems such as trapped air, sticking to the mold, uneven adhesive flow, bursting edges, burrs, insufficient vulcanization, and low efficiency in the product.
Some people may try to solve these problems by increasing the locking force, but this approach places higher requirements on the lifespan of the mold and the steel used in the mold, and can easily lead to machine deformation. However, the solution for liquid silicone does not rely on increasing the locking force, but on improving the accuracy of each link of the silicone mold and optimizing various details. In addition, the injection pressure of liquid silicone does not actually need to be very high because the flow channel is very small. Taking a 5-gram product as an example, its glue inlet size is 0.03 * 3 millimeters (reasonable design). If the above process is not operated properly, it is easy to cause glue leakage.
Therefore, if you want to solve the problems of trapped air, sticking to the mold, uneven gluing, bursting edges, running burrs, insufficient vulcanization, low efficiency, etc. during the production of liquid silicone, please feel free to contact us. WhatsApp:+8618603071612, we will provide you with detailed solutions to ensure the smooth progress of your production process.




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