Is it normal for silicone milk bottles to have a slight odor?


Because the unique material of silicone milk bottles is silicone, many people believe that it is normal for silicone milk bottles to have a slight odor. However, there are also some women who find that silicone milk bottles have a significant odor after purchasing them. Is it normal for silicone milk bottles to have a slight odor?
Is it normal for silicone milk bottles to have a slight odor
There are many materials for milk bottles, such as stainless steel, plastic, silicone, glass, etc., while glass milk bottles are relatively heavy and fragile; Plastic baby bottles can be toxic if not chosen properly; Stainless steel milk bottles are expensive, so many parents choose silicone milk bottles. Silicone milk bottles are lightweight, not fragile, and have high safety. Is it normal for the purchased silicone milk bottle to have a smell?
Silicone is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic raw material. Food or liquids that have been stored for a long time will not produce the smell of plastic or rubber containers, and can maintain freshness. So, if a silicone milk bottle has a smell, it is considered unqualified and cannot be used by babies.
Silicone milk bottles do not contain harmful environmental hormones for infants, nor are they toxic. There is no need to change the bottle, only the pacifier needs to be replaced for long-term use. As babies grow up, they can be replaced with MugCup lids. Then adults can also use it as a water bottle or leave it for the next generation to use. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone purchase silicone milk bottles that are of good quality and qualified.
In addition, the purchased silicone milk bottle must be thoroughly washed with water and disinfected in a sterilizer or placed in boiling water for no more than 5 minutes before use.
Quality identification of silicone milk bottles
1. Silicone texture is a material that feels like human skin, and a good silicone milk bottle should first have a good texture. When feeding babies, they often hold the bottle and milk in their small hands; A good touch is not only beneficial for the emotional stability of babies, but also helps to develop their emotional intelligence, which is incomparable to other materials of milk bottles. A good silicone milk bottle needs to have good elasticity. The elasticity of silicone is different from rubber: it will not be the hard elasticity, but the elasticity of silicone is soft and delicate. At the same time, you can try filling a bottle with hot water, and the feeling after filling it with water will be more like human skin.
2. Convenience silicone milk bottles, like other milk bottles, except for better performance; It needs to be convenient and practical to use. Namely, disassembly and assembly should be convenient, universal, and interchangeable with other pacifiers and bottles (most mothers still use glass or plastic bottles). Some silicone milk bottles nowadays are not very practical when disassembled and disassembled: installing a slot between the silicone and the plastic cover in the middle, setting a card pattern, and so on. Milk bottles are a daily product, so the most important thing is to be practical and convenient.
3. As we all know in terms of details, silicone is prone to dust due to its own material. So in terms of design, besides aesthetics, we also need to consider its dust prevention. Some silicone milk bottles consider dust prevention on the bottle body, making a part of the bottle body frosted, which not only ensures the beauty of the product but also takes into account the dust prevention of the product; It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.




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