How does our machine customize the production of silicone rubber parts?


What procedures do customers need to follow to customize the production of silicone rubber products? This article will briefly introduce the entire process of customized production to everyone. The production process of silicone products is as follows, which is completed through strict production processes such as designing drawings, opening molds, and refining rubber.
1. Design of artwork
Generally, drawings are made based on the sample size provided by the customer, using various 3D and 3D drawing software. If the customer is unable to provide samples, we can charge to cooperate with the customer to complete the drawing according to their requirements.
2. Mold making
Mold making is completed by the mold master on our CNC machine tool based on the designed programming level. Some more difficult tasks require manual discharge using a spark machine to produce the mold. Therefore, molds with relatively high manufacturing technology have a relatively longer cycle. Usually, the lead time for large molds is calculated based on 10 days.
3. Color mixing rubber
According to the Pantone color card specified by the user, all required materials are environmentally friendly silicone, and the hardness can be selected from 30 degrees to 70 degrees.
4. Upper mold production
After installing the mold on the machine and heating it to a suitable temperature, the daily output value of a machine is about 100000 pieces.
5. Finished product inspection
After the product comes out, it is checked by the workshop quality personnel, mainly reflecting on whether it meets the inspection standards. If there is any inconsistency, it will be scrapped or reworked.
6. Self dismantling and trimming
The products produced will have residual edges or batch edges around them. After passing the inspection by the quality control department, the products will be sent to the post processing department to stop trimming.
7. Finished product inspection
After trimming, it is the finished product. The finished product needs to be sent back to the quality control department for reflection on the quality of edge trimming. If there are any non-conforming products, it will be determined to be reworked and disposed of.
8. Packaging
The packaging department will stop packaging products that pass the inspection according to customer requirements. Usually, each package and 10 packages per box, or 20 packages per box, stop packing according to customer requirements.




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