How to know compression molding and injection molding?


Compression molding and injection molding are similar in terms of comparison, but they have one major difference. In compression molding, the mold is closed around the charge, while in injection molding, the charge is injected into a closed mold cavity.

Manufacturers often use compression and injection molding, but for different types of parts. For more complex parts, injection molding is often a better choice, while for relatively simple designs, including oversized basic shapes that cannot be produced using extrusion techniques, compression molding is a good choice.

Compared to compression molding, injection molding requires shorter cycle times, so if you need to produce a large number of parts, the tooling cost is higher, but more precision production is more beneficial, however, compression molding is a lower pressure production method, so Tooling costs are generally lower. It also wastes very little material, providing an advantage when using expensive materials.

As a production experience, high-volume production is more suitable for injection molding, while compression molding is more suitable for low- and medium-series parts production. This way you know which is more suitable for your product and can choose the appropriate Compression Molding Machine to meet your needs.




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